Fall Fashion

I am so excited for fall to be here! It is hands down my favorite season and to top it off it means I get to bust out my scarves again without getting weird looks from the bf (you can’t wear a scarf…it’s summer!)

Double bonus, from what I’ve read green (specifically emerald) is a main color for this fall and I just so happen to LOVE green! Today’s outfit made me so happy – sweater, scarf, blue/green combo, cute braid and fun matching jewelry…I’ve been unstoppable! Here are a few pics of my fun look for the day.


Earrings (Premier Designs) Scarf (Target) Sweater (Target)


This is my go-to hair style when I want it up but not a basic pony

What do you enjoy most about fall?


Cup of Joy in the morning

Okay, so I realize a lot of people say how coffee is bad for you and all that but it is such a delicious way to start your morning! To make it even better I found a new creamer!


Can you say YUM! You can find it at a grocer near you or more info on Coffee-Mate’s website. website.

Finding new and seasonal creamers is always a fun way to mix up your morning cup of Joy (aka Joe). What is your fav?